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28Feb 2019

Stress Free Life: Are we chasing the impossible?

Targets, deadlines, quota, the list of stress producers never seem to end. People react differently to living in this pressure cooker. Some become aggressive; others become passive; but regardless of the reaction, the results are the same; productivity grind to a halt, creativity dies and momentum vanishes.

The question is: Is it truly possible to attain a stress free life?

13Feb 2019

Kickboxing Boot Camp & Self Care Exercises

Join us for an exciting time of Kick-Boxing to shed off the calories from Chinese New Year!

Admission is FREE. Registration closes on 11th Feb 2019.

Hosted by CoQoons Coworking and Aileron Wellness

23Jan 2019

Write to the Top: Effective Business Writing Skills Seminar @ CoQoons

Effective writing can make the difference between success and failure in the professional world. As communication becomes increasingly digital, strong writing skills are more in demand than ever. Make sure you stand out from your colleagues with writing that’s powerful and persuasive.

17Nov 2018

YWLC x TSA | Professional Styling Workshop @ CoQoons

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression."- Andrew Grant

“A good first impression can work wonders."- J. K. Rowling

14Nov 2018

Web Analytics 101

Do you know if your website is actually effective? Are you aware how your visitors are using your website? How do you put the data received into good use? In this workshop, Mike Lim from Social4you will make sure you'll leave with the knowledge you need to answer these questions.

02Nov 2018

Lunch & Learn: Stop Cyberthreats, Protect your Business and Reputation

Businesses are under constant pressure to protect themselves against increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats despite having limited cybersecurity budgets. Join experts at our upcoming Lunch & Learn session to understand how the cybersecurity landscape has evolved. You will also learn how managed security can greatly strengthen cyber defence without a hefty price tag.

04Oct 2018


The seminar focuses on the improvement of Singapore's economy through innovation of new technologies that enhances businesses' efficiency.

26Sep 2018


Join us as we find out how Ministry of Funny grew their business - from local YouTube channel to an international star. Register today!

30Aug 2018

Maybank Power-up Series: A Glimpse into the Future

The 4Cs of SME eco-system Understanding Tax & Grants

28Aug 2018

The New Digital Economy for HR: Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, & Blockchain

Traditional approaches to human resource management and talent acquisition are becoming obsolete. Join us as we find out how technological trends and innovation can be a catalyst for professional growth and business success.

03Aug 2018

The Art of Influencer Marketing

With the rise of influencers, how can brands best utilize them to meet business objectives? We discuss best approaches, the role they play in marketing, measurement, ethics and more with a casual fireside chat with influencers and agency folk alike. Come with questions!

18Jul 2018

Why every workplace should consider Flexible Work Arrangements

Join the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) in this seminar to find out how your workplace can be more flexible, and how the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements can help to set you apart as a progressive employer. Topic also includes success factors for effective implementation of FWA, and possible challenges and solutions.